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Sample Western Caribbean Marine Weather Forecast

Wx Update, W Caribbean, Mon8, 1p

10am ASCAT: 80W-84W from 10N-20N NNW-NNE@14-24.

BUOYs: 20N/85W 030-040@8-19, 4'/4-8secNNW / 17N/81.5W 010@15-23, 7'/5-8sec.

Isolated showers & mild squalls, but very little coverage most areas. Convergence-squalls with 5-8k enhanced wind S of a line 16N/84W...19N/88W, and similar activity within 60mi of CostaRica & W Panama. More-significant convective squalls within 60-100mi of entire ColombianCoast, along trailing FrontalTROF which continues NE-ward thru Leewards.

NW Caribbean...moderating wind thru tomorrow & continued light Wed10...rebuilding RIDGE N of area drives stronger ENE winds late Wed10-Fri12, then moderation weekend.

* *

C Caribbean & Colombia...offshore...decreasing N-NE thru Wed10, then rebuilding. Closer to Colombia...light wind from various directions, with periods of isolated-to-scattered squalls.

* *

SW Caribbean...Providencia-SanAndreas area...N-NE wind moderates thru Thu11, builds some thereafter, with a return of some showers/squalls by Fri12. Closer to Panama...brisk NW winds moderate gradually thru Wed10, may rebuild some from W-NW by weekend, with relatively-dry weather.

NW Caribbean: only isolated showers & mild squalls with 5-8k enhanced wind, with greatest coverage S of 18N thru tomorrow & again Fri12 / Mexico as winds build Wed10.
Nicaragua: mostly dry thru Thu11; scattered showers & mild squalls thereafter.
W Panama: scattered coastal-convergence showers & mild squalls with 5k enhanced wind thru Wed10, maybe drier thereafter.
E Panama: only isolated showers & squalls to 20-30k, but little coverage.
Colombia: periods of showers & squalls to 20-30k, but may be less coverage tomorrow-Thu11, if FrontalTROF lifts N a bit off the Coast.

WIND (for wind in squalls see Precip):
Mexico: N-NE@15 moderating to 10k today, 5-10k tonight into tomorrow; 070@10 late tomorrow-Wed10, 16k later Wed10, 18k Thu11; 060@16 Fri12.
Belize/Honduras, offshore: mostly N@15G20 today; N-NE@10 tomorow, NE-E Wed10 into Thu11 morning; ENE@15-20 later Thu11-Fri12.
SW Corner of NW Caribbean (including BayIslandsHonduras): mostly W@15 today, 5-10k tonight-tomorrow; variable under 10k later tomorrow-Thu11; variable@10-15 Thu11 night-Fri12.
Nicaragua: N@20-25 decreasing to 20k today, 15-18k tomorrow; NNE@12 Wed10, 6-10k Thu11; N@15-20 Fri12.
W Panama: NW@15-20 today, 15k moderating to 10k tomorrow; W-NW 10k-or-less Wed10-Fri12. E Panama: NNW@15-20 today, 10-15k tomorrow; W-NW@10 thereafter.
Colombia, 12N/75W: variable mostly 10k-or-less, may tend to be N thru tomorrow, ENE Wed10, N Thu11, W Fri12.
Just SW of Cartagena: NW@15 today; SW-NW near 10k hereafter.

NW Caribbean: decreasing from 4-8'/6-7sec from N-NE today; 3-5'/6sec from NE tomorrow, 2-4'/5sec from ENE Wed10; 5-8'/6-7sec Thu11-Fri12...highest S of 18N.
SW Caribbean: decreasing from 9'/8sec from N today to 6'/7sec tomorrow, 3'/5sec Wed10, 2-3' Thu11; 3'/6sec from NNE Fri12. Coastal E Panama: subtract 1'. Colombia 12N/75W: 7'/8sec from NNW today; 4-5'/6sec from N tomorrow; 3'/5sec from N-NE thereafter. W of 81W: 9'/7sec from N today; 6'/6-7sec tomorow; 3-4'/5-6sec from NNE Wed10-Th11; 4'/6sec from NNE Fri12.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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