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U.S. East Coast Marine Weather Forecast

Wx Update, US E Coast & W Atlantic, Fri3, 11am

ASCAT 10 PM Thu2 AtlanticCity-BlockIsland SSW@14-18k; Nantucket-CpCod-Maine SSW-SW@13-16k

BUOYS: Savannah SSW@6-8g12k; 3'/6secSE / Chrlstn SW@12g14k; 4-5'/7secSE / FryPnShl NE@6g10k; 4'/6secSE / Hatteras S@12g16k; 3'/6secSSE / VaBch60miE S@9g12k; 3'/5secS / CpMay25miS S@14g16k; 3'/6secS-SSE / IslipNY30miS SSW@14g16k; 3-4'/6secS

IMAGERY: Isolated squalls along coastal regions from GA-NC...showers and storms are generally heading N-NNE. Only a stray shower or squall near Hatteras-Norfolk, then mostly dry N of Norfolk. A few showers and squalls are moving thru the Chesapeake Bay. Low clouds and fog along S NovaScotia and open waters CpCod-NovaScotia.

S OF HATTERAS: Gradient S-SW winds and squalls continue to subside Today and wind backs closer to SSE-S as AZORES-Bermuda RIDGE slowly becomes elongated and reaches coastal GA. By Sat4, all SE US should fall really light with any available winds from E-SE...maybe more SW closer to Hatteras. Sun5-Mon6 will continue to be L&V, with SW gradient maybe lightly building as early as Mon6 night. SW gradient winds continue to build Tue7-Wed8, although remaining generally light.

HATTERAS-BLOCKISL: Gradient winds continue to settle Today as TROF moves into E Quebec then mostly perists mild S-SSW winds Tonight into Sat4; A weak FRONT that moves thru Sat4 will bring some squalls and possibly a brief period of strong winds with an impulse closer to NJ-NY Sat4...this is also where the worst of the squalls will be located midday Sat4. Behind the FRONT, winds relax causing any wind to be light from SW-W Sun5-Mon6. SW gradient wind gradually rebuilds Tue7.

CPCOD-MAINE-W NScotia: SW gradient wind Today continues as mild to moderate SW-WSW wind thru Sat4; Same weak FRONT mentioned above may bring some squalls and storms by late Sat4...a brief period of strong winds is possible Sat4 evening with an impulse of energy within FRONT, but overall very light SW-WSW winds continue thru Sun5-Mon6. SW wind begins to rebuild, potentially becoming brisk by Tue7 night.

OUTLOOK: Much of the early part of the week of Mon6 still appears settled with RIDGE off NFL and GA still promotes little or no wind for all SE US while N of RIDGE along Mid Atlantic/NewEng sees mostly light W-SW wind until early Wed8 before we finally see S-SW winds surge ahead of next FRONT that arrives later Wed8-Thu9, potentially only to MidAtlantic and Nward.

SUGGEST: Assuming N bound Travel... StMarys-Savannah or Charleston: Sailing Today but Motor-Sailing<Motoring Sat4 onward.

Charleston-CpLookout: Same as St Marys-Charleston.

CpLookout-Hatteras-Norfolk: Gradually settles to much more pleasant travel Today. Motoring or Motor sailing Sat4-Mon6, gradually returning to sailing Tue7-Wed8.

Norfolk-CpMay: Fair Sailing Today-Sat4...potentially brisk for a short time with impulse along FRONT Sat4 morning; Motoring Sun5-Mon6; Motor-sailing<sailing Tue7.

CpMay-BlockIsl: Much more fair Sailing Today-Sat4 afternoon...impulse may bring strong winds and squalls for a short time Sat4 morning-afternoon. Motoring or motor-sailing Mon6-Tue7. Mostly sailing by Tue7 night-Wed8.

CpCod-Maine-NovaScotia: Mostly fair sailing thru Sat4 then motoring or possibly motor-sailing Sun5-Mon6; Brisk sailing possible by Tue7...squalls later Sat4 could make for unfavorable travel.

StMarys-Charleston: Stray-isolated squalls to 30-40k thru Today; Mostly Stray or dry Sat4-Tue7.

Charleston-CpFear: Same as StMarys-Charleston but perhaps a few more squalls Mon6-Tue7.

CpFear-CpLookout-Norfolk: Stray to 30k or mostly dry thru Tue7.

Norfolk-CpMay: Mostly dry or Stray to 30k thru Mon6...perhaps closer to isolated coverage to 35k Sat4 morning.

CpMay-BlockIsl: A Stray squall to 30k possible mostly afternoon-evenings thru Sat4...greater risk Sat4 morning. Mostly dry Sun5-Tue7.

CpCod to Maine/NScotia: Mostly dry thru Sat4 morning, then Isolated squalls most of Sat4. Mostly dry Sun5-Tue7.

WIND (For wind in squalls see PRECIP!!!!!) :
StMarys-Charleston: S@10-16 <SE-SSE@6-12k/3-5'<2-3' Today; Variable mostly SSE<E-ESE under 10k/2-4'<1-3' Sat4; Variable SW-E under 10k/1-3' Sun5-Mon6; Variable mostly SW-S under 11k/1-3' Tue7.

Charleston-WinyahBay-CpFear: SSW-SSE@10-15<6-12k/2-4'<2' Today; Variable mostly S under 10k/1-3' Fri3 night-Sat4; Variable mostly S-W under 10k/1-2' Sun5-Mon6; SW@6-10k<8-14g16k/1-3' Tue7.

CpFear-CpLookout-Hatteras: S@12-17k<SSW@6-12k/3-5'<2-3' Today; SSW@6-12< under 11k/2' Fri3 night-Sat4; Variable from SW-WSW under 12k/1-2' Sun5-Mon6; SW@9-15g18k<13-18g23k/1-3'<3-4' Tue7.

N of Hatteras-Norfolk: S@12-16g20k/3-5'<SSW-S@10-15k/2-4' Today; SW@10-15g18k/2-3' Sat4; S-SW<SW-W under 10k/2' Sat4 night-Sun5; L&V/1-2' Mon6; S-SW@7-13g15k<12-18g23k/1-3'<3-5' Mon6 night-Tue7.

Norfolk-CpMay: SSW@12-18g23k/3-5' Today; S-SSW@13-20g25k/2-4' Sat4; SSW<WSW-W under 10k Sat4 night-Sun5; Variable W-SW under 12k/1-2' Mon6. S-SW@8-14g16k<12-18g23k/2-3'<3-5' Mon6 night-Tue7.

CpMay-BlockIsland-Nantucket: SSW-SW@14-20g24k/4-6'<3-5' Today; SSW-SW@14-21g24k<10-17g21k/2-4' Sat4; SSW-SW@10-17<W under 10k/1-3' as FRONT passes Sat4 night into Sun5; Variable W-SW under 12k/1-3' Mon6. S-SW@7-13g15k<12-18g23k/2-3'<3-5' Mon6 night-Tue7.

CpCod-Maine: SW@12-19g25k/3-5' Today-Sat4; Variable mostly S-W up to 15k/3-6'<1-3' Sat4 night-Sun5; Mostly S-SW@6-15k/1-3' Mon6; WSW-SW@9-16g19k<14-22g27k/2-4'<3-6' Mon6 night-Tue7. Fog remains mostly restrained to Bay of Fundy/ Coastal Maine/ SW Nova Scotia most nights into mornings but offshore and coastal NewEng has pretty fair visibility at most times.

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