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Sample Eastern Caribbean Marine Weather Forecast

Wx Update, E Caribbean, Fri12, 9a

10p last eve ASCAT: ABCs ENE-E@14-17 / DomRep W of CaboSamana N@10-17 / E of Windwards & Leewards mostly E under 10k, but WSW E of Antigua & Barbuda.

60mi SW of Nevis clocked SW-W-N, now N@2-10, 3-4'/6-11sec / 21N/65W 300-330@5-15, 7'/6-12sec / StLucia airport variable NE-E@5-9.

Only isolated showers & mild squalls, generally moving in the direction of surface wind flow, including activity Venezuela-Bonaire...but a few more scattered squalls Leewards NW of Antigua & Montserrat, moving NE, and isolated showers Virgins & PuertoRico & DomRep, moving NE.

SE Caribbean...mild wind close to E in direction thru Sun14...rebuilding toward mid-teens from ENE Mon15 onward. NNW-N swell builds by Sun14, then decreases only gradually.
NE Caribbean...variable in Leewards today as weakening FrontalTROF makes a final penetration S&E into Leewards as expected, with a few squalls, before dissipating tonight. Hint of a RIDGE in area tomorrow-Sun14 keeps wind light & a bit variable, with a tendency to build toward 5-10k from N-NE late tomorrow-Sun14, then increase toward 10k Mon15, possibly a bit higher Leewards Tue16...LARGE NNW-N swell tomorrow-Sun14, then gradually decreasing, but not dissipating thru all of next week.
DomRep...Weak RIDGE shifts S of DomRep's N Coast today, allowing light wind to back toward W-NW...not until late Mon15 or Tue16 does mild wind return to E. N swell peaks tonight-tomorrow, then moderates gradually.
Venezuela & ABCs...moderate wind close to E in direction, with occasional squalls, especially ABCs thru Sun14, and some N swell.

F'cst: Precip:
Trinidad-Martinique: isolated showers & mild squalls with 5k enhanced wind mostly overnights-into-mornings, but may be more scattered ITCZ-related squalls S Part (Trinidad-Grenadines) Mon15-Tue16.
Dominica-SE Leewards: mostly dry, with only very slight chance for a few showers & mild squalls overnights-into-mornings.
C & NW Leewards: similar, but a few more scattered squalls, possibly to 20-25k today. Virgins & PuertoRico: only a few isolated showers & mild squalls with 5k enhanced wind overnights-into-mornings.
DomRep: similar.
Venezuela: isolated-to-scattered showers & mild squalls with 5-8k enhanced wind overnights-into-mornings, possibly with less coverage tomorrow night-Sun14 morning.
ABCs: similar, but probably more scattered-to-numerous squalls to 20-30k tomorrow-Sun14.

WIND (for wind in squalls see Precip):
Trinidad-StVincent: 080-110@10-14 thru Sun14; 060-080@12 building to 16k Mon15-Tue16. StLucia-Martinique: ENE-E@5-10 today, E-ESE tomorrow, ENE@8-10 Sun14; 050-080@10 building to 13k Mon15, 13-15k Tue16.
Dominica-Guadeloupe: E-S@5 but may be variable thru tomorrow; NE-SE@5-8 Sun14; NE@5-10 building to 10k Mon15; 060@10 building to 12k Tue16.
Leewards: variable under 10k thru Sun14; N-NE@5-10 Mon15; NE@8 building to 10-12k Tue16. Virgins & E PuertoRico: most;y N-NNE@6-10 today, 5k tomorrow, 5-8k Sun14, 7-10k Mon15; NNE-ENE Tue16.
DomRep: backing N@10 today, W-NW tomorrow-Sun14; W-N@5-10 late Sun14-Mon15; NE-SE@10 Tue16. Venezuela: 070-110@12-15 thru tomorrow, 12k Sun14, 10k Mon15; 060@15 Mon15 night-Tue16.
ABCs: building to ENE@15 tonight-tomorrow; E@12-15 Sun14, 10k Mon15; ENE@12 Tue16.

SE Caribbean: NNW-N swell 3-4'10sec thru tomorrow; 6-7'/15sec tomorrow night-Sun14, 5' Mon15; 4'/10sec Tue16. Wind-chop component 2-4'.
NE Caribbean: NNW-N swell 6'/10sec today, building tomorrow, reaching 10'/14sec late tomorrow-Sun14, 7'/12sec Mon15; 6'/10sec Tue16. Wind-chop mostly 2'-or-less, but locally-higher in a few squalls especially NW Leewards today.
DomRep: 6'/10sec from N today; 12'/14sec tomorrow-Sun14; 9'/12sec Mon15; 6-7'/10sec from N-NNE Tue16.
Venezuela: 3-4' from various directions, including a N swell & E wind-chop thru tomorrow...the N swell builds to 6'/15sec tomorrow night-Tue16.
ABCs: similar, but 1' less N swell.

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