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Regional Email Marine Weather Reports

Plain-text forecast averaging 5k-or-less in length for easy reception via HF radio email or sat phone email, even SkyMate.

E Caribbean (E of 72W) / W Caribbean (W of 72W) / Bahamas-Florida (and W Atlantic & US E Coast in season).

Sufficient detail to help you make weather-related decisions, and may offer insights we don't have time for on SSB Nets (and do provide updated info in the event of severe/Tropical or rapidly-changing weather).
But Regional Email forecasts focus on coastal / cruising areas, and are NOT intended for use while offshore passagemaking.

Always in 5 sections:

  1. Satellite Wind observation summary from past 12hrs.
  2. Averaged BUOY observations from the past 6-12hrs.
  3. Satellite / RADAR Imagery summary.
  4. Synopsis of significant weather features.
  5. Specific 5-day forecasts for the following parameters at various spots (breakdown of spots varies, with finer detail when warranted) in popular Cruising grounds:

    1. Precipitation, including a wind-velocity estimate ("squalls to 40k" means squalls with total wind to 40k / "squalls with 5-8k enhanced wind" means add 5-8k to the gradient wind forecast in squalls), and coverage estimate (from isolated to scattered to numerous).
    2. Wind, usually given in degrees True, and a specific velocity (while I do NOT suggest my forecast is this precise, forecast TRENDS are vitally-important, and giving you specific numbers helps you identify relevant trends.
    3. Seas, including height & direction & interval of both the wind-driven wave, and any significant swells.
  6. Occasionally SUGGESTIONS when I feel they're appropriate.

ALL Regions include details on all Tropical weather events.

Subscription Fee:
$199/yr (combine with SSB Voice Nets & simultaneous Webcasts for just $299/yr)
6mo $190
5mo $165
4mo $140
3mo $99
2mo $80
1mo $55

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