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Phone-In Marine Weather Reports

Phone-in: You call me at 863-248-2702 daily between 10am-2pm Eastern time (other times by appointment), and I provide vessel-specific weather forecast & routing advice.

Single forecast or a Package: Single phone-in forecast $30. Package of ten (10) forecasts, good for 1-year $250.

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Geographical Coverage: Throughout the entire Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Coast of C America, Bahamas, entire US E Coast, Bermuda, and Atlantic waters N of the Equator, INCLUDING Trans-Atlantic vessels in both directions to/from ports such as Great Britain, Azores, Portugal, Gibraltar, Canaries, etc.

Content: Call me & talk one-on-one about any/all aspects of your weather, including:

  • SYNOPSIS of weather features influencing you
  • Sea Surface Current analysis & recommendations, including waypoints
  • Detailed weather forecast as well as both routing & tactical advice

Format / Length of call:
I'll let you set the pace & level of detail. Satellite phone call quality varies, and airtime can be costly for you. I can typically convey the minimum required information to you in 2-4 minutes, depending on complexity/severity of weather events – but the call can be as long (and in as much detail) as you like. While calls to me from your land-line, cell phone, or VOIP service are often longer, I try to keep all phone-in calls to under 10 minutes. Beyond 10 minutes, we're probably getting into weather consulting/education, which I'll gladly do one-on-one for $60/hr.