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Custom Email / Fax Marine Weather Reports

You tell me where & when you'd like to go, and I email (or fax) you detailed vessel-specific weather forecast & routing advice. Allow 24hrs for your 1st forecast. For subsequent forecasts, contact me with your location, conditions & plan in the morning & I'll email (or fax) your forecast later in the day.

Plain-text forecast averaging 3k-or-less in length for easy reception via HF radio email or sat phone email, even SkyMate. Graphical (images) forecasts available at extra cost.

Geographical Coverage:
Throughout the entire Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Coast of C America, Bahamas, entire US E Coast, Bermuda, and Atlantic waters N of the Equator, INCLUDING Trans-Atlantic vessels in both directions to/from ports such as Great Britain, Azores, Portugal, Gibraltar, Canaries, etc.

Content, cost:
Typical 5-day forecast, $65:

  1. Synopsis of major weather features
  2. Sea Surface Current analysis & suggested waypoints based on sea surface currents
  3. Detailed forecast for your expected location at 12-hr intervals (shorter intervals during expected significant weather events) for the next 5-7 days, then a general outlook to 10 days. Detailed forecast includes:
    1. Wind speed & direction
    2. Tactical advice (such as sail as close a reach as is possible, in order to stay N of 32N).
    3. Sea State forecast, including height & direction & interval of wind-driven seas & swells.
  4. Summary, reinforcing key points in the forecast.

Typical 2-day forecast, $35: similar to 5-day forecast, but only a detailed 2-day forecast.

Typical 10-day outlook, $35: only a general weather outlook & general weather-based advice over next 10-15 days. Usefulness? Vessels monitoring long-range weather patterns for an upcoming trip, or Trans-Atlantic vessels in settled weather patterns looking to positions themselves at an optimum Latitude for Trades.

Package of (10) 10-day General Outlooks, $250: same as above, appropriate for trans-Atlantic passages where vessel is handling their own short-term forecasts, but requires guidance (including specific waypoints) for optimum long-term positioning.

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