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The Essential Marine Weather Handbook

Coastal and Offshore Weather: The Essential Handbook, by Chris Parker is now in its 5th Edition.

If you have never read a book on marine weather, this is the perfect introduction to the subject. Most topics are covered on 1 or 2 pages, so it’s easy to digest.

If you have read lots of weather books but didn’t completely understand them, then this is the perfect book to give you the foundation to understand other weather books.

And, if you have mastered several other marine weather books, then this is a good book to expand your understanding, as I approach the subject very differently from any other weather book.

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Reader Testimonials

You make difficult concepts so much easier to understand than other weather books. I gave my copy to a friend leaving for the Bahamas this week and would like to order two more copies.

Barb Schrader, PE Teacher

LOVE it!...best weather book I've read & we own several including Michael Carr's purple book -- which is pretty good too. Yours is easier to understand…

Jan Griffin, s/y Winterlude

Your handbook is, without a doubt, the best cruiser oriented manual on SE US/Bahamas weather. Your weather overview was at the right level for the cruiser (I have been studying this stuff for 20 years and yours is the most concise and clear).

Bob & Ann Todd, s/y Jule III

Over the past 30 years of sailing and flying, through all of the weather courses, I’ve never read a more comprehensive yet understandable book on weather. Chris Parker offers a clear picture of what has confused most of us all these years.

Craig Noden aboard Ragtop

I read your Gulf Stream Crossing advice in "Coastal and Offshore Weather" and it was the most concise and clear advice on the subject I have heard. I am a 1968 graduate of the Naval Academy and had my first training in navigation and weather there. Some friends (recently) hit a terrible, un-forecast storm…which had apparently spun off a TROF with its north end over PR. Via SSB and e-mail I tried to respond to their pleas for information on the storm, but could find nothing about it in the forecasts or reports. The only thing I saw and reported to them after the fact was a satellite image with intense clouds in their location. I mention this because I just read your section on Squalls and the importance of satellite images in this regard. I wish I had read the book before.

Carl Gaines, s/y Diva

I just purchased your book, Coastal & Offshore Weather, from Nick Wardle (BASRA) here in Nassau. I must say that your presentation of the subject is very clear. I have several other weather books but in terms of what is essential to the cruising sailor you have focused the subjected better. I have a question regarding GRIB files that can can be downloaded using Winlink and viewed with OCENS Grib Explorer. Which model runs do you consider the most informative - GFS or WW3. I used to just be interested in wind direction and speed and wave height but I see from reading your book there is more to the overall weather picture.

Patrick, s/v Intrepid

(Your weather book) gives a very good understanding of the underlying physics related to weather phenomenon that makes all of the forecasting information make sense. You have a way of putting what has always been a difficult subject matter into easy to understand analogies and laymen's terms making understanding complex weather patterns easier.

Jay and Jen Johnson, S/V Rum Runner